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Victoria Hospice is proud to touch the lives of thousands of patients, families and friends each year. 

We regularly receive kind notes, emails and letters from people telling us what their experiences have been like, often thanking us for the care and comfort we provide.

Please tell us your story.  We want to hear from you, and we'd like others to hear your story as well.

Though my mother’s stay at Victoria Hospice was short, she proclaimed from the beginning that she wished she had come to Hospice sooner. We are so thankful for the great care and respect that Victoria Hospice showed us.

- Darren Tuele

Our son’s last days of residence were under the care of the wonderful nurses and doctors of Victoria Hospice. We will always remember the care and compassion the staff and volunteers extended to us during that time. Thank you.

- Thomas T. Towns

I still tear up when I think of our time at Victoria Hospice and how caring and generous all of these strangers were to me. We spent a very long two months in the supportive care of nurses and volunteers. They listened to and cared for my family as we said a prolonged goodbye to dad.

- Jesse Kenny

Thank you does not adequately express our gratitude for the support you provided mum and our family during her illness and final days. You entered our lives during one of the hardest times of transition any family has to face and you did it with such compassion, knowledge and sense of calm that we will never forget. We are forever grateful.

- Heather Gropp

The Palliative Response Team at Victoria Hospice will forever be the people who helped me get through the most difficult thing I've ever done. Their words and compassion gave me the strength to support and care for my Nan. I can't thank them enough. What they gave me was much more than just nursing and support. They gave me knowledge and strength and I will never forget them.

- Ali Wanless

You took away our fear, giving us strength to be present in the final days mom had here on earth. We cannot possibly put into words how thankful we are for your enduring support and kindness in such a difficult time.

- Family of Audrey Fitzgerald

Thank you for all your care and comfort you gave to my friend Lorraine. She was a special lady and is missed; she has left a big hole in my heart.

- Irene

We hope you are all aware of what a profound effect you have had on all of us, in our most difficult of times. From our hearts, we thank you for your incredible efforts.

- Dale and Kim Stewart

Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Victoria Hospice for the support you gave to our family. Your kindness made our mom's last week have moments of joy and laughter.

- Melissa, Amanda and Chelsea

Our family wants to thank you all so very much for the tender and loving care you provide. To say that we were impressed with your ability and dedication would be an understatement indeed! You are all angels in our book.

- Lois, Fred and Mark

My husband left this world in comfort and dignity, thanks to your care. Thank you.

- Gerry Diver

To all the wonderful, caring, kind, loving folks of Hospice - your skilled intuitive grace created an atmosphere filled with calm and respect. This beautiful space allowed all of us to feel free to come and go, connecting in whatever way we desired. My heartfelt gratitude to all of your cherished souls.

- Paul Bishop

The level of care and overall affection I felt from the doctors, nurses, volunteers – even the smiles from cleaning staff – helped lift my spirits each day I was there. I want to especially thank all those who would stay with my father and hold his hand; those who laughed at his jokes; those that helped him out of bed; and all those that helped him when he could no longer help himself.

- The Gibson Family

Thank you for the outstanding care you provided for Phyllis. You found solutions in crisis, comfort in pain, and friendship in loneliness. We thank you not only for the extraordinary care, but for the time you took to help us understand the complexities. Mom spoke with gratitude of the friendships she built here. Bless you all for the peace you surrounded her with.

- The Burgess Family

The care and thoughtfulness you offer to patients and families is warm, genuine and never-ending. We humbly thank you for providing comfort at the end of life.

- Evelyn Pendray

I would like to express our deepest appreciation of the care and compassion of the staff and volunteers. At our most sorrowful moment you gave us renewed appreciation for human kindness.

- The Wong Family

Thank you for your care of our mother in her final days. We believe your help allowed her to die in comfort.

- The Pletz Family

Words cannot express my gratitude for the loving care you gave, not only my wife Edith, but me as well. Your love will be forever engraved in my spirit.

- Tony Gvora

We were constantly amazed by the exceptional care delivered in such a comforting setting. We felt like we were among friends at Hospice. Thank you for all you have done. We are forever grateful.

- Paul Madsen

To the wonderful staff and volunteers at Hospice, a huge thank you for all you did for my sister, Dawn. We as a family were so grateful her final days were filled with the comfort and love you showed her.

- Nikkie Wilson

Dad was able to relax and let his care be taken over by excellent nurses who made him feel comfortable, special and well-loved. You reassured his family when we had worries and anxiety. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers also!

- Helen Blank and Family

Thank you for treating our questions with respect and honesty; for the many cups of tea that were caringly offered and gratefully received; for the expansive consideration that allowed four generations of our family to gather en masse at Dad's bedside to honor and celebrate his 100th birthday. That we could come and go at any time was hugely reassuring. It allowed us the freedom to integrate this extraordinary experience each in our own ways.

- Dianne Stewart Butterfield

We were so impressed with the staff at Victoria Hospice. It would be so easy for you to fall into a cold routine in your job, but you treat patients and families with the utmost dignity and respect. We will always remember your kindness and consideration.

- Sandy Stewart and Family

You were so very kind and gentle with my beloved husband. You helped him die peacefully. You also found him a longer bed so that his feet were not against the end of the bed, and you moved him to the side so that we could lie together. How grateful I am!

- K. Boyce

On behalf of our family, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude towards the wonderful staff at Victoria Hospice. Their tender and loving interactions were never-ending and from the heart. We were never just a number. They were steadfast in their commitment to our Mum.

- Dale and Kim Stewart

My mother received wonderful care in the few days she was in hospice. The nurses, doctors, volunteers are the most caring and compassionate people. Thank you for allowing her a peaceful and dignified passing.

- Helen Cashin

With special thanks for all the care and attention my aunt received to help her on such a peaceful journey, and for her to be free of pain at last. Also for the warmth and caring giving to us. I will never forget.

- Pauline Powers

I would like to express my thanks to all of the wonderful staff and volunteer at Victoria Hospice for the kind and compassionate care that was provided for my friend during his final days. Thank you for providing so much help to so many people for so many years.

- Gordon Pollard

Sincere thanks for your care and compassion to my Jamie during his time at Hospice. He was a special case, and a special person. He knew he would be in the best care, and he was. Thank you.

- Marianne Sanders

You have a great team of doctors, counsellors, volunteers and staff. Your volunteers were even there on Christmas and New Year’s Day! You all made us feel so good under the circumstances. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

- Donald Gordon

My brother and I would like to deeply thank all of you who helped keep our uncle comfortable during the last bit of his life. Knowing Donny had patient and warm treatment during his stay made things easier for us. You are all truly angels here on Earth. There are no words to describe what the help meant to us.

- Family of Donald Waring

May you each be blessed for all you give to your patients and their families every day.

- Connie

I want to say on behalf of my family – thank you for your incredible care and compassion. You’re an amazing team, and we have been lucky enough to benefit from your tremendous professionalism these past few weeks.

- Loomer Family

My brother was treated with so much care and compassion. Everyone there did their very best to keep him comfortable both physically and mentally. It was a true privilege meeting all of you. Please know your efforts were very much appreciated. You were all part of his final chapter and you will not be forgotten.”

- Marg Landry

I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for all you did to help my husband transition so peacefully into the next world. Please know that I will never forget your extraordinary kindness to us both during those difficult days.

- Granewall Family

As a former nurse I understand the special dedication and caring that staff must bring to their work. You were all stellar in your dealings with us. You made a horrible experience tolerable and as the end drew near, more peaceful and loving. Thank you.

- The McEachern Family

Thank you for all your kind words, loving hugs, and understanding advice. We could not have walked this road without you all. You are “God with skin on” and we will never forget you.

- Jenny Vliegenthart Family

Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care! Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave to my Mum.

- Ena Young Family

Thank you, not just for the care and attention you gave my aunt, to help her be free of pain on her peaceful journey, but for the warmth and care you gave to us. We will never forget.

- Marnie Redway Family

I could not have gotten through this time without your kindness and love, lending me a listening ear when I needed someone to talk to.

- Elizabeth Marr

My family and I have been deeply touched by you all and want to express our gratitude. The journey toward death is profound and needs to be celebrated. You were there for us and always are. I still cannot believe how important your work is and how much need there is for more funding and support. You can count on us to continue advocacy whenever you have need for us.

- Marion Pape

Your exquisite care and attention to detail made Mum’s passing so much easier.

- Molly Munster Family

Many thanks for your caring and thoughtfulness to Allan while he was here. We deeply appreciate all you did to ensure his final days were peaceful.

- Susan Smitten

Thank you for the gentle and generous care that you extended. I’m honoured to have known you all.

- Joe Bradley

Thank you to the kind volunteers who give all their time and energy; it is the greatest gift we can give anyone!

- Family of Suzy Kreutzmann

Thank you for your kindness and support for my father during his last days. It was a comfort for me to know that my dad, as well as my mother and brother, were so well cared for.

- Diana Griffiths

Words are never enough to let you all know how everything you did was appreciated and the wonderful care you all gave my brother in his last few months. Thank you from the heart.

- Maria Lewis and Family

We offer our heartfelt gratitude to the beloved staff and volunteers at Victoria Hospice for all you did to support our loved one on her journey. The care you gave her enabled us to offer our love to her with good energy. We are forever in your debt.

- Jackson Family

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the care you all gave to Sheila. Your care and thoughtfulness gave her and our family much comfort during her final days.

- Family of Sheila Williams

Thanks for your kindness and warmth and for taking such good care of Constance. She was able to relax and be at peace with all of you watching over her.

- Cheng Family

Thank you for all the kindness and loving care hospice nurses and volunteers give to your patients and their families. It is absolutely wonderful to witness your gifts to all.

- Carol-Ann Staples

On behalf of my dad, our family would like to thank you for making his time at Hospice comfortable. Our family appreciated the staff’s hard work and dedication to providing a caring environment for Dad during his final days.

- DeMott Family

The days we spent here – watching the nurses give mom a gentle kiss on her head after tucking her in for the night, or the volunteers sit with her while she enjoyed another cup of coffee – gave us peace, strength and support. To see our mom leave us was the hardest moment of our lives. But to have the support of Victoria Hospice was truly one of the biggest gifts we have ever received.

- Family of Ann Perlmutter

Thank you for taking such good care of my mother, and all of the family, during the last weeks of her life. We are so grateful for the compassion, humour, and generosity of everyone at Victoria Hospice. We are especially thankful that Mum was comfortable and at peace when she passed away.

- Family of Linda Munro

We would like to sincerely thank the staff and volunteers for their care and generous support during these past weeks. You made this journey more bearable. As Mom would say, “Keep on dancing… and don’t forget to floss!”

- Family of Dianne Gallagher

You did an amazing job of providing incredible skill and gentle care with kindness and sense of humour. For that, and for the support you gave us as we learned how to say goodbye, we will always be grateful.

- Family of Susan Sillem

My heartfelt thanks to you for you kind and caring support given to my husband. It meant so much to my family and me to see Dave comfortable and free of pain in his last days. Blessed are the Palliative Care staff.

- Jean Wright

Thank you so much for all the care and support during these weeks – we all appreciate your nurturing and gentle approach with out Mum and with our family.

- Barry Family

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the absolutely excellent care you provided for my husband. At a time when our hearts were breaking into a million pieces, you provided the solace we needed to carry on. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Jimm Friss family

Where to start? Over the years, you have been there for my father, mother, uncle and aunt. There are no words to express the gratitude we feel towards Victoria Hospice. The compassion, empathy, kindness, and oh so warm nurturing care everyone gave of themselves is beyond belief. Thank you so very much. May peace be with you always!

- Jannette Lock

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the support and kindness you all gave my mother, Sylvia Plumridge, and my family.

- Mary Plumridge

Thank you for the caring and respectful atmosphere you created at Hospice for our mom. Your kindness and support was heartfelt.

- Cindy and Louise

This has been an extremely sad yet amazingly beautiful time. Victoria Hospice was exactly where we needed to be. We couldn’t have asked for more caring, thoughtful, sensitive and helpful staff. It really is tough stuff to go through – not only for the patient, but for the loved ones – and everyone at Hospice knows this. Thank you for caring for both of us!

- Cara Saucedo

We appreciate you and the kindness you showed us throughout dad’s short time at Victoria Hospice. Everyone was so caring, thoughtful and supportive. Your smiles, kind words and warm tea made the time spent there that much better. It was so comforting to see the great care he received during his final days. The doctors, nurses, volunteers and supportive staff were incredible. Thank you for playing an important role in his life. We will always remember and appreciate you.

- The Wright Family

Our family wishes to express our deepest gratitude for the loving, compassionate care you provided to our father. We were so relieved to be able to keep dad at home, where he was happiest. Your tender ministrations to him and to us, his family, will always be remembered.

- Carol Best and Family

Our sincere gratitude for the incredible kindness and professionalism we experienced during my mother’s brief illness. We had never experienced the passing of a loved one in this way. The Hospice doctors and medical staff made the whole thing peaceful and comforting for my whole family.

- The O’Brien Family

To all the staff and volunteers, thank you for all your care given to my brother during his stay, helping him and supporting him through this journey of end of life. I know that it is not an easy job and I am grateful for each and every one of you who give your time to make this transition better for everyone.

- Susan

We just want to thank you so very much for caring for our loved one. Thank you for the hard job that you do and that you do so well.

- Susan Kunz

Words cannot express how we feel for the care and compassion our loved one received while in your hospice unit. You are all angels! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

- Family of Shirley Lemon

Thank you for all the special care, love, compassion you gave to my dearly loved and respected Donna.

- Ann

Words can never express my gratitude for the kind, loving and excellent care the staff and volunteers at Victoria Hospice provided for my husband in his final journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Maxine Knowlton and Family

Many thanks to all of the hard working staff at Hospice. You are amazing! A special thank you to those of you who cared for my husband during his final days.

- Tanis Ranger and Family

We truly appreciated your kindness and support. I read your mission statement and I can honestly say I've never seen such dedication to a mission!

- Family of Darcy Hammett

Thank you for the loving and skilled care provided to my dear friend. Thanks for tolerating her hordes of friends and those of us who stayed overnight. She was and is so loved.

- Allison Patterson

Thank you all so very much for the care you provided for our Mom and the dignity allowed her in her time spent at Hospice. We are all forever grateful.

- Family of Julie Anne LeRose

Thanks so much for your fine and compassionate care. May each of you be blessed with continuing strength, health and empathy to carry out the work that you do. You indeed are special people in your knowledge and attitude.

- Marian Edwards, Mark Edwards

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who took such great care of my niece. You made her so comfortable in the last month of her life. Her young daughters were made so welcome each time they visited their mom under such difficult circumstances. No matter what time of day we visited, we were never made to feel we were in the way. It made such a difference to be able to spend quality time with our niece.

- Shelley

Thank you for the care and comfort you gave our mother and the support you gave our family.

- The Kang Family

After navigating the medical system, we found your humanistic care for patients and families so very touching and reassuring. The care and compassion with which you showered my wife was unforgettable. A big heartfelt thank you for providing her with a comfortable and peaceful passing.

- Alex, Brooke and Marc

The doctors and staff were exemplary in their dedication to and attentive care of my brother. During his stay, we spent many hours a day with him in your quiet and dignified setting. We were constantly amazed by the respect your staff showed my brother even when he was in an unconscious state. We are most grateful and were indeed privileged to witness such grace-filled care.

- Joanne Carroll-Seabrook and Brian Seabrook

Thank you all so very much for the care and kindness given our beloved Eleanor while she was in your care. Words alone cannot convey my feelings but I am so grateful there are people who care so much for others.

- K. Young

My family would just like to say a special thank you for the care you gave my dad. He found it very peaceful here and thought all the doctors and nurses were so nice. Thank you for all you did.

- Eleanor, Shannon, Kelly and Jim

Victoria Hospice is a warm, welcoming unit. The kind, compassionate care of patients and family is remarkable. Thank you for all you do.

- The Bodenmann Family

Thank you with all my heart for your unwavering care, attention and compassion. You are a work of love.

- Susan

To all of the wonderful, caring people at Victoria Hospice, I would like to say thank you for your kind and gentle care of my husband and for your loving support of me and my children. Thank you for guiding us at this very sad time. You have a very fine, kind, wonderful organization – you are truly appreciated for all that you do.

- The Sanford Family

Although the time my mother spent under your care was brief, the difference you made is tremendous. Thank you for the care you provided her, and for the honest guidance you provided my family

- The Shier Family

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your exceptional care and support for our mother. A difficult month was made easier by your compassion. We are especially grateful for the fantastic celebration of life you helped us facilitate while our mom was still with us. You are amazing and will not be forgotten.

- The Taylor Family

Thank you for the wonderful, compassionate care you gave my dad during his short stay on your unit. You helped make a most difficult time that much more bearable. He passed with dignity and love.

- The Hylan Family

Our family would like to thank you for your kindness and compassion for our mother’s short stay at Hospice. You have a special job that means much to those who need your care. Hospice is an important place for so many!

- The Family of Maureen Heron

Our family cannot thank you enough for the care you gave to our father. His final days were spent pain-free. He was at peace. We also thank you for the counselling our family received and for all the volunteers who so kindly devoted their time and assistance to Dad and our family. Bless you all.

- The Bray Family

Many thanks to everyone who made sure my husband spent his last days comfortable and pain-free. You showed us such kindness and we’ll always remember you.

- The Hartnell Family

When my husband was no longer able to stay at home he was fortunate to spend his last days in Victoria Hospice. The warm, caring, thoughtful atmosphere made a sad time a more positive experience for all our family. Victoria Hospice is such a treasure.

- M. Peterson and Family

Thank you for taking care of my husband during the last few days of his life. Not only did you make him feel as comfortable as possible, you insured my daughter, son, and I were supported as well. Your incredible staff really helped my family and me through a very difficult time in our lives. You look at patients as whole people and consider all facets of their being. This truly makes a difference.

- The Chang Family

Too often small, and in this case, immeasurable, kindnesses go unacknowledged. I want to acknowledge and thank the team at Victoria Hospice for making my friend’s last days more bearable. You treated her with kindness, compassion, empathy, respect, and dignity. Not only did your kindness extend to her, it extended to her family and friends as well. She believed in angels, in varying forms. Now I do too!

- Sue

I can’t begin to adequately express how deeply touched I am by the compassionate and practical care the whole palliative care team gave my wife during the last week of her life. She was always treated with dignity, respect and gentleness by staff and volunteers. Hospice was a safe refuge during the most difficult final days. It provided safety and support for the whole family to say goodbyes and stay with her to the end. Thank you so much.

- M. Hurnell

Thank you for the caring support and kindness you showed our dad, and for your willingness to accommodate all our traditions and wishes. We deeply appreciate it.

- The Ngo Family

There are no words for your kind and thoughtful help through our journeys and with our Dad. Thank you! You will always be remembered for your kindness.

- Family of Hardy Davies

We lost our only son at the age of 30 to an internal stomach bleed. It was very sudden and unexpected. He left behind his mother, father, sister, as well as his wife and two-year-old daughter. We were devastated and paralyzed about how to get through this tragedy. Through the recommendation of Victoria Hospice from our GP, we found the "A team" for assisting people with bereavement. We would not have made it through this loss without the compassionate support of Victoria Hospice. We are forever grateful.

- Pat Hansen

The nurses and volunteers at Victoria Hospice have created a space that provides families with a beautiful and comforting experience, while being with their loved ones during their last days. My experience with my grandmother’s passing has been one full of joy and growth.

- Katie (Van) Gallucci

Thank you to all your staff and wonderful volunteers for caring for my aunt. Thanks to you, my cousin could take a break from caring for her mom and focus on just being with her in her final days. As a healthcare worker myself I know that sometimes you can burn out and forget how much of a difference you are making, but I also know that a little thank you can go a long way. So on behalf of my family we want to say a big thank you for all that you do!

- Julie Gauvin

I really want to thank the staff and volunteers for having such compassion for my mother during her stay. I was very impressed with how accommodating and friendly the atmosphere, staff, and volunteers are. Victoria Hospice truly made this experience as easy as possible for my mother and our entire family.

- Luke

When my gram was at Victoria Hospice, I knew she was well looked after. After my last visit, I said goodbye and told her I loved her. A few days later I called Hospice to see how she was doing and to ask them to tell her I loved her again. They said, "You should tell her, I will put the phone up to her ear." When I told gram how much I loved her, she responded with two or three loud sounds. I believe she was telling me "I love you too." Thank you for making this possible.

- Michael G.

I volunteered soon after a Hospice Unit was set up. It was a rewarding experience which I still value today as I near 90 years of age. My brother, spent many months in Hospice care – I know how caring the nurses and staff are with patients. Hospice is a home where peace and love are there to take your hand! I can’t say enough about my respect for Hospice.

- Anonymous

Hospice was so good to me, offering me hope, encouragement and guidance during an extremely painful time. I will always be grateful to them. Thank You.

- Anonymous

Your loving palliative care allowed Mom to die at home as she so desired. We were therefore provided with the opportunity to spend precious time together, sharing memories and – most importantly – healing old wounds. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I am forever grateful.

- Veronica J.

Congratulations for providing compassion and care for people at a time when they need it most. I am glad to donate to such a wonderful organization.

- I. Dzeoba

Victoria Hospice was there for me during a time of great sadness and loss. I am happy to contribute to ensure that the caring help they provide will be there for others in need.

- Patricia

We have visited friends who have been lucky enough to experience their last days in Victoria Hospice and the lovely rooftop garden. We are happy to donate and wish you continued care and love of your patients.

- B. Selwood

You offer the highest standard of care to your patients and to their families.

- Anonymous

Victoria Hospice's counselling and at-home care at the end of my husband's life was remarkable. I am so appreciative of your services that I made you a part of my will and estate planning. Your follow-up on the bereaved is most appreciated. I have participated in groups and made many new friends. The kindness of your staff and volunteers is indescribable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- J. B.

Victoria Hospice is a beacon of light for patients, families and the general public in what could otherwise be a dark and treacherous journey.

- Deanna Hutchings, CNS, End of Life Care.

When our dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2001 the Palliative Response Team were absolutely wonderful in helping us care for him at home, with advice, support and pain control, until he passed away. Thank you.

- Shirley

The Victoria Hospice holds a very special place in my heart. The wonderful staff cared for my dear husband Christopher – the staff loved him and he loved and knew everyone by name. Thank you all.

- Anonymous

My beloved friend died a dignified death under the care of the compassionate staff of Hospice. I will never forget your supportive humanity.

- Anonymous

When I lost my hubby – Victoria Hospice was there for us. A caring ear, a hug, it helped us through so we didn’t feel so alone.

- Chris

Thank you all for doing such a difficult emotional job of supporting people like me when we are lost and overwhelmed and distressed. Bless your hearts.

- J. Black

Compassion, caring, kindness – the list goes on- the angelic qualities of the staff and volunteers at Hospice who have touched so many on life’s journey.

- C.S.

Before my father's death, the presence of love, support, respect and compassion surrounded him and my family. Because of the amazing angels at Hospice, goodbyes and letting go were made a little easier. Thank you.

- S.R.

I cannot thank the staff enough for keeping my husband comfortable during his last days. It is something I will always remember. It was so peaceful. The follow-up bereavement, which went on for a year, was also much appreciated.

- Anonymous

My dad spent his last days at Victoria Hospice. Many years later, I am still telling anyone who will listen, how amazing, compassionate, supportive and sensitive the Hospice Team is. Thank you

- S.V.

I always felt it was a privilege to work at Victoria Hospice. I loved my work both on the unit and on the Palliative Response Team. For the little I gave, I received so much in return. There was laughter and there were tears, but mostly strength came through in the face of death. The memories of my time spent with patients and families will live happily in my heart forever. Thank you!

- V. Tucker, R.N.

We found support, humour, understanding and information when we needed it most. Thank you Victoria Hospice.

- M. MacPhail

Victoria Hospice volunteering has been the most meaningful learning experience I’ve ever had.

- Anonymous

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