World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

Event Date: 
Saturday, October 12, 2013

World Hospice Day is a day of unified action in worldwide celebration and support of hospice and palliative care. The theme for this year’s World Hospice Day – October 12, 2013 – is “Achieving Universal Coverage of Palliative Care: Dispelling the Myths”.

Myths about hospice and palliative are as numerous, unfortunately, as the countries lacking any identified palliative care services—42% of nations, with a sobering 80% of people globally with little to no access to treatment for moderate to severe pain.

Myth: Having hospice and palliative care means you will die soon.

Fact: Hospice and palliative care is not just for end of life.  It is a holistic approach that includes caregiver support, spiritual care, bereavement and much more.

Myth: Palliative care manages pain through use of addictive narcotics.

Fact: Palliative care is holistic care that provides psychosocial and spiritual care along with pain and symptom management.

Myth: Everyone has access to hospice and palliative care.

Fact: Every person has the right to hospice and palliative care, but there are many around the world who do not have access to hospice and palliative care. 

Efforts are underway to expand palliative care to low and middle income countries so that every country can have palliative care. Victoria Hospice is part of that movement through a twinning project with the B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH), in Nepal.

To mark this day of action, Victoria Hospice will be celebrating the final day of the 28th Annual Swimathon which has raised over $2M for end-of-life care.

Kulture Frozen Yogurt is also offering a delicious way to make a difference.  On October 12th from 11am – 4pm, 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Victoria Hospice. Be sure to stop by at 3749 Shelbourne St.

World Hospice Day offers a blueprint for making every day hospice day in every community around the world.  For more information about events, studies, and other facts about World Hospice Day, see:


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