A gift of comfort

Compassionate care at Victoria Hospice focuses on what matters most to people in their dying time. Sometimes, what matters most might be a nice warm bath.

A generous donation has provided supportive equipment that allows a person to safely lie down in a bath – a nice addition to the existing bath chair on the Inpatient Unit.

It’s gift that holds a lot of meaning for donor Dana Wessel, whose contribution came to Victoria Hospice through the Victoria Foundation.

“Victoria Hospice was so very supportive to us as we were caring for my mother in our home last year. My mother loved her baths, and it became increasingly difficult to maneuver her into the tub.  One of the last pleasures in her long (104 years) life was a warm water soak about a week before her peaceful death. We are delighted to know that others will be able to enjoy their baths in the comfort of their end-of-life Victoria Hospice home.”

Our dedicated care team extends their wholehearted thanks to Dana and all our donors whose generosity makes compassionate care possible at Victoria Hospice.