Palliative Care Intensive

An Intermediate-Advanced Course

Update on Palliative Care Intensive Course

After thoughtful consideration and a close look at our goals and priorities, we have decided to focus on developing an education program that is aligned to enhancing the practice and skill of those who care for our clients. This means we will not be moving forward with the development and delivery of the Palliative Care Intensive Course. Instead, we will be concentrating on strengthening our internal foundation and building a robust framework for growth and learning.

We believe that by investing in our staff’s skills and education needs, we can provide even better care and support to the people we serve. Our commitment to delivering high-quality end-of-life care remains strong.

We will continue to assess and adjust our approach as we move forward, because we are committed to the people we serve, our staff and volunteers and our community of practice. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

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