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Why register with Victoria Hospice?

Registering with hospice is a way for someone with a life-limiting diagnosis to make plans regarding possible future care needs. Registration can occur before you need any Hospice services. Then, if you do need our assistance, access will be easier and our palliative care team will have information to help you. You might receive services in your home, on our inpatient unit, or in consultation and collaboration with other care providers and in different settings.

How do I register?

Registration with Victoria Hospice is done through VIHA Home and Community Care Nursing. It begins with a referral by your family doctor, oncologist, or another health care provider to VIHA’s Central Intake, requesting that a Home and Community Care Nurse visit and register the person with Victoria Hospice. While the request usually comes through a health care provider, anyone can request a VIHA Home and Community Care Nurse visit by calling VIHA’s Central Intake line at 250-388-2273.

Who can register with Victoria Hospice?

A person can usually register with Victoria Hospice if:

  • They are living with a progressive, life-limiting illness, regardless of age or prognosis.
  • They live in an area of Greater Victoria served by Victoria Hospice.
  • They have a family physician and the physician agrees with registration.
  • Their goal of care is palliative and comfort-oriented, rather than focused on cure.
  • They reside in their own home or in an Assisted Living facility.

A person is not eligible to register with Victoria Hospice if:

  • They are currently in an acute care hospital.
    • Registration can be initiated upon discharge from hospital.
  • They reside in a care facility with on-site nursing staff.

However, consultation with our Victoria Hospice team can still occur in these settings.

How to Register

If you are uncertain about your eligibility for registration with Victoria Hospice, speak to your family doctor or call VIHA’s Central Intake line at 250-388-2273.