Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Victoria Hospice

“Music is what feelings sound like. And that’s what music therapists are ultimately trying to capture. Whatever somebody’s going through, we can capture that in the music and reflect it back to the person and work with it.”

— Music Therapist Maryann Burrows

Music therapy is one of the emotional and spiritual supports offered at Victoria Hospice. 

Music therapy uses music as treatment. It deconstructs the elements of music, such as rhythm, tempo, lyrics, and melody, to support health and wellness, and manage symptoms. 

Patients do not require any musical abilities to work with a music therapist. 

A music therapist works collaboratively with patients to help them set physical- and mental-health goals. Together, they may sing, play instruments, improvise, participate in rhythm-based activities, compose and record music. They may also listen to recorded music, tailored to address the patient’s needs.
Through this process, patients can work through challenging emotions, review their life, and find meaning as they approach death. Music therapy provides a safe space for families to work through relationship issues and say goodbye.

Other benefits of music therapy include relaxation, a reduction in anxiety, and regulation of the body’s rhythms such as breath, heartbeat, and blood pressure.

Music therapy at Victoria Hospice is made possible thanks to support from the CRD Arts Commission, the Music Heals Charitable Foundation, the Hamber Foundation, and our generous donors. 

About Maryann Burrows, certified music therapist

Maryann Burrows joined the interdisciplinary care team at Victoria Hospice in 2022. She specializes in dementia care, conditions of aging, end of life, bereavement, and mental health. She is certified through the Canadian Association of Music Therapists, and earned a Fellowship with the Association for Music & Imagery. She serves as Vancouver Island’s Regional Representative for the Music Therapy Association of BC. Contact Maryann at 250 370 8111 ext. 12997 or