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At Victoria Hospice, we try to help you find a way through the overwhelming emotions and practical realities of coping with end-of-life illness. Here, you can find links to outside agencies for additional support, books, online tools and how-to guidance for practical concerns and planning. We’re here to help patients, families and caregivers navigate the journey with security and peace of mind.


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Caregiver information
Preparing for Death: A Guide for Caregivers
Palliative Care at Home
Food and Fluids and the End of Life
Hemorrhage Information
Relaxation Techniques
Funeral/Memorial Decision Making and Planning
Grief Support
Ten Things to Know About Grief
Things to Remember When Supporting a Grieving Person
Child and Youth Grief
Special Days and Holidays
Victoria Hospice Bereavement Services
Information about Hospice
Welcome to the Unit
BC Cancer Agency Resource Links
A True Gift – Your gift makes hospice care possible
Leave Your Legacy – How you can make a difference with a gift for the future
Relationship Management

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