Anneswer to Cancer – Community soccer event scores big for Victoria Hospice

Left to right: Steph Steiner, Teri Henderson, Meredith Campbell-Jess, Saanich Mayor Dean Murdock, Brett Hyslop

In 2010, Brett Hyslop’s life was forever changed when his mother, Anne, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. “My mum only spent 12 hours at Victoria Hospice but I am forever grateful to the staff who cared for her—and me—with such a deep level of compassion,” shares Brett.

As a gesture of thanks and a tribute to Anne, Brett and colleague Steph Steiner, launched Anneswer to Cancer. Since 2011, the event has grown substantially, thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers.

The one-day event, always held on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, is now Victoria Hospice’s largest third party fundraising event and has raised more than $500,000 for end-of-life care in our community.

Hundreds of kids and their families gathered at Tyndall Turf for the 11th annual Anneswer to Cancer event on Saturday, May 13. It was a sunny, action-packed day including a 12- team round robin tournament and various other events including penalty shot, radar machine and an obstacle course.

“For me, the best spin-off is introducing so many children to the concept of charity. We’re teaching them the importance of giving back, because it’s the right thing to do. I know my mom would be proud!”