The Education and Research Department offers palliative care courses and training to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, counsellors, social workers, volunteers and other health care providers. The courses provide participants with the awareness, skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent symptom management and emotional support in their day-to-day work with patients and families.

Each year, the Education and Research department delivers two weeklong courses for health care professionals: the Palliative Care: Medical Intensive course, and the Psychosocial Care of the Dying and Bereaved course. Both courses meet the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Pallium Canada's LEAP Courses - We offer two of Pallium Canada’s LEAP (Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care) courses – LEAP Mini and LEAP Core - proudly facilitated by staff at Victoria Hospice.

Psychosocial Care of the Dying and Bereaved Course – a full week course for physicians (with CME credits), nurses, social workers, counsellors, clergy, bereavement or hospice coordinators, twice a year in Victoria.

Palliative Care: Medical Intensive Course (Fall) – a full week course for physicians (with CME credits), nurses and pharmacists, offered each year in both Victoria and Vancouver

Palliative Care: Master Class - A series of presentations from experts in the field of palliative medicine, covering state-of-the art patient-centred care of people living with serious illness, and their families. Learn about the latest advances in modern palliative medicine and supportive care. *Registration opens August 1st*

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“After taking this Victoria Hospice course, I will manage pain much more confidently, thus enabling my patients to die with grace and dignity.”– Course Participant

Quality palliative and end-of-life care for all: Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those facing life-limiting illness, death and bereavement through patient and family centred care, education, research and advocacy.