Hospice Volunteer Honoured at Holiday Tree Light Up

Thank you to the granddaughters of beloved Hospice volunteer, Jill Croft, for lighting up the 50-foot Garry Oak tree at our second Annual Holiday Tree Light Up on November 29, 2018. 5,000 bulbs now shine in honour of Jill and in memory of all those we have loved and cared for this year.

Jill Croft volunteered at Victoria Hospice for five years and contributed 900+ volunteer hours! Her regular shift on the unit was Monday morning at 10 – which meant that her smile and energy were what greeted many of us at the start of each week. She retired from Hospice in 2012, but continued to be actively engaged in her community.

This fall, Jill became a patient at Victoria Hospice. “Jill knew what was important,” reflected Hospice counsellor Michelle Dale as we gathered at the rooftop garden. “To be as present as possible with the people she loved the most: her family.”

Jill died on November 2, surrounded by her family. We hope the tree lights bring solace and joy to Hospice patients and families during the holiday season.