Professional Education

Training and Courses We Offer

We offer palliative care courses and training to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, counsellors, social workers, volunteers and other health care providers.

The courses provide participants with the awareness, skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent symptom management and emotional support in their day-to-day work with patients and families.

Each year, we deliver two week-long courses that meet the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada:


Palliative Care Intensive Course

This is an Intermediate level online program for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals. This online program will consist of online, self-directed modules, video lectures, and 2 days of live webinars and interactive learning.

Dates for Fall 2022
Monday, September 19, 2022 (start of self-directed online section)
Thursday Nov 3 & Friday Nov 5, 2022 (live interactive webinars)

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Psychosocial Care of the Dying and Bereaved

A full-week course for physicians (with CME credits), nurses, social workers, counsellors, clergy, bereavement or hospice coordinators, twice a year in Victoria.

This course is on hold. Please check back for information on future offerings of this course.

Online Learning – Palliative Performance Scale (PPS)

This self-directed, interactive online module allows learners to gain familiarity with the tool, then use their knowledge in life-like assessment activities.

Palliative Care: Better Together

An annual course in partnership with UBC called Palliative Care: Better Together, a series of presentations from experts in the field of palliative medicine, covering state-of-the art patient-centred care of people living with serious illness, and their families.

Pallium Canada’s LEAP Courses

Pallium Canada’s LEAP Mini (by special request) and LEAP Core. LEAP stands for Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care. These Pallium Canada’s LEAP Courses are proudly facilitated by our staff who bring a unique approach by incorporating Victoria Hospice’s values and perspective to the curriculum.

Palliative Care Pharmacy

Feb 4 – Mar 18

Continuing Studies @ UVIC: Pharmacists are integral members of the multi-disciplinary team delivering palliative care to those facing life-threatening illness, including at the end of life. As more patients wish to remain at home for the end of life, pharmacists are increasingly called upon to contribute expertise in palliative care pharmacy outside of institutional settings.

Developed in partnership between Victoria Hospice and Continuing Studies at UVic



Michelle Bahena, Education and Research Project Facilitator


Brittany Clark, Education and Research Projects and Events Coordinator


Michelle Bahena, Education and Research Project Facilitator