Conversation Game

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

A conversation game about what matters most

Conversations about death can be difficult to approach. However, we know that these discussions are important and necessary for clarifying values, wishes, and goals about care and end-of-life care.

To help de-stigmatize these difficult conversations, Victoria Hospice has developed a conversation game that you can use in your home with family, friends, and loved ones.

The game

“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” is a deck of conversation cards that prompt meaningful reflection on life, death, and dying. This card deck is an easy, safe and sensitive way to reflect on what matters most in your life.

It consists of 40 questions that encourage participants to begin thinking and conversing about the topics of death, dying, end-of-life care, relationships, and what matters most, as well as a number of trivia cards to support curiosity and learning.

There are two ways to use the cards to provide friends and family continued entertainment, while also achieving the goal of starting conversations at home.

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