Family Member Research Project

Studying Bereaved Family Member Perceptions

Perceptions of Bereaved Family Members of Nursing Care on an Inpatient Hospice Unit

Authors: Carolyn Maze, Carolyn Wilkinson, Kelli Stajduhar, Helena Daudt and Shelley Tysick
Funders/Grants: VIHA Grant Island Health
Date Published: Soon to be published

In addition to caring for patients, hospice and palliative nurses have the most frequent interactions with family members. Our nurses were interested in studying how interacting and providing care to patients and family members effected family member perceptions, as well as highlight the specific nursing qualities that make family perceptions more positive.

The way family members perceive the quality of care that their relative is receiving can have a great impact on their own health and well-being. Nurses in particular, are the main care providers in a hospice palliative care setting and communicate most frequently with family members. Victoria Hospice staff were interested in studying the specific ways in which Hospice nurses can provide the best level of care, so that family member perceptions are positive and at peace during their loved ones last days, and into bereavement. Through an Island Health grant, they were able to interview family members and study the perceptions of their loved one’s care at Hospice. As a result of engaging in this study, we were able to discover specific qualities of nursing care that are most effective in promoting positive and satisfied family member perceptions in hospice palliative care.

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