Join Team Eassie at Hike for Hospice!

“We keep coming back to Hike for Hospice to show our appreciation to an organization that helps so many people navigate a difficult time in their lives. We would love to see more teams come out and join us!” ~ Team Eassie

It’s hard to miss Team Eassie at Hike for Hospice. They’re dressed in bright yellow t-shirts, visible from one side of Fisherman’s Wharf Park to the other. Look closer, and you’ll see that each shirt is proudly worn by a member of the Eassie family. They wear the shirts in honor of their beloved family member, and friend, Bill Eassie, who was cared for by Victoria Hospice in his final days. “We wanted to look like a team, to represent our commitment to stay a close family despite the loss of one so dear to us,” says Bill’s daughter, Heather.

Sunday, May 5th, 2019, is the 8th Annual Hike for Hospice in Victoria, and Team Eassie will once again be donning their bright yellow t-shirts.

“The support provided by Victoria Hospice made all the difference for my family. That’s why we were surprised to learn that Hospice is not fully funded by the health care system. It makes us feel good to come together as a family, to remember my Dad, and to take part in something that will ensure other families can experience the same loving care we did,” says Heather.

Heather’s father was able to stay at home during his final days because of Victoria Hospice’s care, “something he, our mom, and all of the family were grateful for,” she says. “The Hospice team was so very understanding, so well educated, and so reassuring to all of us during our dad’s final weeks and days. There were opportunities when Dad was still with us, to ask questions of the care providers and volunteers, and to draw upon their expertise to help us find our path through this time of Dad’s life. The resources that were offered to us both before and after our Dad’s passing, such as grief counselling, were so helpful and appreciated.”

This year marks the sixth Hike for Hospice for Team Eassie, and with it, the team will be adding another photo of Bill to their signature t-shirts. “We enjoy honoring Dad with a new picture every year, and we expect we will continue with this tradition until there’s no room left!”

Gather your friends and family and join Team Eassie at this year’s Hike for Hospice on Sunday, May 5th. Register your team today!