Ode to Hospice Volunteers

Friendly hellos and welcoming smiles
Shoes that have walked so many long miles
Holding of hands and singing of songs
Wrapping of Timbits, cookies and ding dongs.

 Stocking of shelves and folding of clothes
Offering tissues for teary nose blows
Doing the dishes and keeping things neat
Making sure people have something to eat

 Stuffing of envelopes to raise lots of money
Attending events, in the rain or if sunny
Putting up tents and cheering on riders
Tending of gardens and filling of binders

 Attending board meetings and setting of policy
Representing Hospice with integrity and honesty
Entering data and managing files
Wearing blue vests and name tags with style

 Making of coffee and brewing of tea
Expressing our thanks to our donors with glee
Making things festive with Christmas decor
Celebrate a Life and Hiking the shore

 Reiki and placing of warm hands to heal
Honouring life stories and how patients feel
Arranging of flowers to brighten a room
Empathy and understanding when challenges loom

 Always responding when you get the call
Happy to help with tasks great and small
A sense of belonging and sharing of strength
The giving of time, no matter the length

 Helping our families find inner peace
Listening, unburdening, a gentle release
Spiritual reflection, connecting with heart
All the intangibles, never seen on a chart 

You may never know the impact you bring
The lives that you touch, the hearts you make sing
Moments of light shine through every day
The love that you bring takes our breath away.

 – Gina Cuthbert, 2018