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Soul & Science is a first-of-its-kind virtual support resource for caregivers from every background and profession; and offers creative, on-line video lessons together with practical tools, the latest clinical research, and inspiring insights. The courses help connect the art and science of care giving and the work we do at Victoria Hospice.

A way to stay connected during this pandemic, Soul & Science supports the continuation of professional development using video-based lessons and interactive learning guides accessible through smartphones, computers, and tablets.

The virtual courses cover many aspects of the care we provide at Victoria Hospice. The courses include:

  • Being with Pain Series
  • Befriending Compassion Fatigue
  • Aging and Wellness Series
  • The Art & Science of Prognostication
  • Series Power of Presence Series
  • Transforming Suffering Series
  • Courageous Conversations Series

Victoria Hospice is excited to launch this program free of charge to all staff and volunteers. Choose between:

  • The individual track for self-paced learning
  • The professional group track to learn, share insights, and translate these learnings into best practices with other hospice caregivers.

Pre-register by filling out the form below, the targeted start date is Jan. 15th, 2021. Any questions can be emailed to Annie.

Soul and Science

Registration for staff and volunteers