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May 2024 | Hospice

Compassionate care when time matters most

Victoria artist Sharon Lam shares her experience with hopes that more people can receive compassionate end of life care and bereavement support at Victoria Hospice.

Apr 2024 | Hospice

Focusing all my love on him

Lynn Greentree had a gift for making people feel important. He was a unique and treasured individual and he always found the good in others.

Apr 2024 | Events

‘Breaking Wind’ cycling team shares laughs, challenges in support of Victoria Hospice

Cycle of Life Tour riders support compassionate care at hospices on Vancouver Island.

Mar 2024 | Hospice

A gift of comfort

A generous donation has provided new equipment that helps people enjoy a warm bath while on the Inpatient Unit.

Mar 2024 | Hospice

Music therapy validates patients’ feelings at Victoria Hospice

Music therapy at Victoria Hospice brings comfort, regulates body rhythms, decreases perception of pain.