Celebrate A Life – Stories

Grief is a Shared Journey

Grief can be the loneliest feeling at any time of year. But in a global pandemic, with holidays approaching, grief is even lonelier.

That’s why Victoria Hospice invites everyone to come together to celebrate the lives of people we have lost – whether this year or long ago.

Join us in this virtual gathering of memories and reflections by reading stories here and by sharing your own. Please contact Debbie Greenway by email or call 250-519-1744 if you would like to participate.

Celebrating Margaret Ng

Only Mom could inspire me to start a new project when everything felt like it was ending.

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Celebrating Sondra “Sunny” Baileys

She had an uncanny way of making people feel special and cared for.

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Celebrating Bryan Johnson

The things that were important to him were his family and nature.

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Celebrating Lisa Simpson

Lisa was a connector – she knew EVERYONE.

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Celebrating Elliot Cleveland (Staples) Eurchuk

 I am remembering with lasting love, my 16-year-old grandson.

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Celebrating Paul Sekhon

Bringing people together was his superpower.

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Celebrating Shelley Deglan

Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.

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Celebrating Joanna Carlson

After 26 years, I’m still finding out what it’s like to lose a twin.

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Celebrating Tyler Wormell

Tyler taught us what it meant to show up.

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Celebrating Rose Johnson

Her laughter was mischievous, her eyes were warm, and her hugs were reassuring.

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Celebrating Ann Macgregor

If you have a sibling, do something wonderful for them. 

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Celebrating Bernie Dopko

Bernie is forever loved.

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Celebrating Ghislain “Jessie” Imbeault

My Dad started working in the “bush” at a very young age. He was fearless!

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Celebrating Nicola Benn

I have doubled in age, while she remains forever young. 

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Celebrating Henry (Hank) Amos Biles

His sense of humour was contagious and he was always there with a helping hand.

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Celebrating Orv Coulter

He was a true cowboy at heart.

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Special thanks to Christin Carruthers @oohoohdarling