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Jan 2022 | Hospice

In memoriam: Heather Wheeler

Victoria Hospice joins with the family and friends of Heather Wheeler, owner of The Avenue Gallery, to mourn her death on Jan. 10, 2022.

Jan 2022 | Hospice

Proposed new site passes Greater Victoria School Board second reading

Jan 25, 2022 - Victoria Hospice is one step closer to expanding access to palliative end-of-life care in the community. A Greater Victoria School Board (GVSB) bylaw to subdivide and sell 1.9 acres of land to Victoria Hospice passed the first two of three required readings Jan 24.

Dec 2021 | Hospice

Memorial leaves: a unique way to honour a loved one

The Victoria Hospice Memorial Leaf program is a unique and meaningful way to support compassionate end-of-life care while honouring the memory of a loved one.

Dec 2021 | Hospice

Tugging on our heartstrings: So long and thanks to Trace Walker

After a 34-year career as a financial analyst at Island Health, Tracey (Trace) Walker is retiring. Read about her many contributions during her 15 years at Victoria Hospice.

Elan, Susan and grandson Felix
Dec 2021 | Hospice

“With each gift, I am honouring my mom and making compassionate end-of-life care possible for families like ours.”

Elan’s mom Susan spent four days in hospice after having received a devastating cancer diagnosis just ten months earlier. Elan’s gratitude for the care her family experienced is what inspired her to join our Gifts of Gratitude Fall Giving Campaign.